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Innovation by Design

Founded by Daniel Sullivan in the fall of 2019, SWA is committed to making the transition from underutilized land to hosting a dynamic income generating project as seamless and hassle free as possible. We work with all parties involved until full implementation.

Who We Are

Skunk Works Advisors is a land utilization-development firm based in Long Island NY.  We work with a myriad of companies, municipalities, and landowners helping them to realize their goals. Our array of services are designed to ultimately close the information gaps between all involved. The outcome is a well informed, well coordinated, positive end result. We assist in originating and implementing renewable energy projects, land entitlement, and “one off” interesting projects. Our services continue throughout all phases. We are with you till the project is fully operational.  

​SWA works with local municipalities to close the information gaps that arise.


In a world of transparency, we provide it.

We continue to assist with the project till its completion, lending effort to situations that may arise. 

pannels in grass

Photovoltaic “Solar” Array

Companies use our services to locate appropriate land parcels that then can be utilized for renewable energy projects by either leasing or purchasing the property:


  • Utility Solar: land, water

What's the Process for Landowners?

What's the Process for Landowners


Property is identified and evaluated to see if it meets the criteria for hosting.


A preliminary discussion regarding terms will take place between a member of the SWA team and the landowner and/or representative.


With a signed agreement in place, the interested parties and SWA will vet the details with the regulatory authorities as well as the local municipality. The landowner does not participate in this process.


If property qualifies, the most current land survey is requested from the land owner.


Once the macro terms have been agreed upon SWA will work with the interested parties to draw up a formal agreement for the land use of the property.

**Important note:  The engaged company pays all incremental tax increases related to the hosting of the facility during the Operations Period in addition to associated permitting / interconnection and insurance costs, etc.

Assign-ability: You are free to sell the property during operations period, the battery facility carries with the property.

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