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Community Solar

What is Community Solar?

Community solar refers to local solar facilities where the public and or the municipality sign up becoming subscribers receiving credits resulting in a monetary discount on their electricity bills.  The energy is still delivered through their regular electric provider as the power produced from the community solar array is fed directly back to the electric grid. As a result, the grid is supplied with clean, renewable energy while subscribers get credits on their electric bills.  


Community solar is a viable option if you are a renter or share your roof, enabling you to take advantage of clean, low-cost electricity generation without installing any panels on your property.  These programs are available to those who cannot afford the upfront costs of installing residential solar, rooftops are dated and are not able to site without a newly installed/updated roof, and those whose rooftops are not ideally situated to absorb the sun's rays.

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Photo Credit: NYSERDA

Community solar enables virtually anyone to support clean energy for free and receive guaranteed savings on their electricity each month. Instead of installing solar panels on your home, households and businesses can now sign up to receive clean energy credits from a local solar project. These credits lower your energy cost each month.  In addition, because renewable energy has first priority to the grid, this energy replaces fossil fuels, lowering emissions in your community. 

Community Solar Site Placement opportunities:

Ground Mount - vacant, cleared, level sites


Parking Lot Canopy


Brownfield & Greyfield Sites


Community Solar Sponsors

As your community solar project co-sponsor we own & operate the project, organize subscriptions, and interfaces with the local utility company.

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